The BREATHALYZER ALCO-TUBE PLUS is a small personal single usage breathalyzer (breath alcohol tester) that will tell you if your alcohol level is superior to the legal limit. It’s an inexpensive breath test, you can use on many occasions. Within 2 minutes, you obtain a precise result. Use it whenever there is an event where alcohol beverages are served.

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  • High-performance device:
  • Small and discreet because it measures only 4 inches long and it has the diameter similar of a pencil. It glides easily in pocket or a handbag.
  • Precise, with an error margin of only ± 2%.
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use. The time required to breath out is indicated with the colour change of an indicator loca located on the tube. If it turns from red to white, you have blown long enough.
  • Result is obtained in only two minutes
  • Shelf life equivalent to 18 months
  • The ALCO-TUBE PLUS is a breathalyzer certified according to ISO 9001 standards.


Informations complémentaires


4 inches long X 3/8 inch diameter


2,5 grams


Chemical crystals

Time required after drinking your last alcoholic beverage

Wait 20 minutes after drinking your last alcoholic beverage

Time required after smoking the last cigarette

Wait 5 minutes after smoking your last cigarette


Only ± 2 % error margin

Result is obtained

Within two minutes


When colour of chemical crystals turns from yellow to green and exceeded the black line drawn on the tube, you are above the legal limit


Single usage